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posted on Monday, November 20, 2017 - 3:45pm by Michael Harwood

Ceremony Annuals Holiday 2017

Annuals are colorful, seasonal blends that highlight extraordinary coffees. Our red and berry-forward Ethiopia Adado Shara Natural takes the lead as sixty percent of Holiday 2017. Grown and processed in the famous Yirgacheffe region means this coffee cups as clean, well-fruited, and floral. When coffee seeds are dried in their fruit, it's called the Natural process and results in an unmistakeable berry flavor being infused into the seeds. We roast with the intention of highlighting the sweetness these jammy fruit flavors can provide. Our dark violet and caramel-forward Guatemala Las Moritas provides the ideal complement to Adado's stunning berry flavors. Constituting the remaining forty percent, Las Moritas leans more into sugar-browning, but this single-family lot still brings its own dark berry flavors to the party and provides just the right balance in mouthfeel and flavor.

60% Ethiopia Adado Shara | Yirgacheffe | natural Heirlooms
40% Guatemala Las Moritas | Sierra de Las Minas | washed Castillo + Bourbon

Ceremony Annuals Holiday 2017 espresso and drip brew

Expertly roasted and blended for exceptional extractions from Auto-Dripper to Espresso, Holiday 2017 is the perfect coffee to share with family and friends this chilly, celebratory season. Here are a few starting-point brew recommendations, but we encourage you to explore and find your own favorite method!

Auto-Dripper aka Mr. Coffee - 1:16 brew ratio. Medium-coarse grind. 5-6 min. brew time.

French Press aka Press Pot - 1:15 brew ratio. Coarse grind. 6-7 min. brew time.

Espresso aka a Shot - 1:1.75 brew ratio. Fine grind. ~30 sec. brew time.

Being dialed-into Holiday 2017 tastes something like: Mixed berry pie aromatics. Sugar cookies and caramel in a celebratory cup. To enjoy a juicier cup, try incrementally raising your dose and coarsening your grind. To get a more sugar browning-focused cup, we suggest lowering your dose and fining up your grind. Juicy, balanced, or sugar browning, we think you'll love getting dialed-in with this blend!

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind, beautifully-designed 12oz. bag this holiday season only. They make fantastic gifts!

Until next time, happy brewing!
- MH

posted on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 11:15am by Michael Harwood

If you're like me, you're more into treats than tricks around Halloween. Thankfully, Ceremony is happy to oblige our collective sweet tooth this October with three incredibly sugary coffees!

Nicaragua Miraflor ripe berries - Photo courtesy of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers
RES No. 5 - Nicaragua Miraflor - Natural Pacamara
Blink and you'll miss it! Wholesale sold out of this nano-lot fruit bomb in record time, but you can still snag a bag at our cafes and select retail partners for a few more days!

El Salvador San Nicolás - Photo courtesy of Cafe Imports
RES No. 6 - El Salvador San Nicolás - Honey Pacamara
In a word? Amazing. There are few words that would accurately describe the greatness of this microlot. Incredibly sweet and juicy, the sixth in our Rare + Experimental Series won't last long! Check it out here.

Embu ripe coffee cherries - Photo courtesy of Cafe Imports
Kenya Gicherori PB - Washed Peaberry Kenya cultivars
If you've never tried a Peaberry coffee, now's your chance! These tiny, round seeds may be cute in appearance, but don't underestimate the incredible flavors they bring to bear. Kenya lovers take note! Read more here.

The best part of these treats? They'll satisfy your sweet tooth without any of the guilt afterwards!

Until next time, happy brewing! - MH

posted on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 10:45am by Michael Harwood

As the weather cools, our thoughts turn to warming brews and reflective experiences. Autumn is a season of change in the world of coffee - marking the transitioning from Northern to Southern Hemispheric harvests. This means you get the best of both half-worlds! Coffees from Mesoamerica and northern Africa continue to arrive and are tasting at their peak. Meanwhile, you'll start to see early harvests from south of the equator - namely Rwanda and Colombia very soon, then Peru and Brazil a bit later!

We're proud to share these two amazing seasonal offerings and hope you'll have the chance to try them before the days turn too chilly!

Annuals Blend Series

Fall 2017
70% Ethiopia Gora Kone
30% Nicaragua El Ciprés

Try a bag this season only!
Oatmeal raisin cookie aromatics. Candied pecans and peaches in a densely textured cup.
Annuals Blend Series - Fall 2017 - Ceremony Coffee Roasters
Ethiopia Gora Kone - Ceremony Coffee Roasters - Photo courtesy of Trabocca
Karen and child of El Ciprés - Ceremony Coffee Roasters - Photo courtesy of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

Rare + Experimental Series No. 4

Guatemala Las Moritas
Take a bag home for a limited-time!
Strawberry shortcake aromatics. Maple-glazed peaches in a fruit-forward cup.
Don Gomez and Josué Morales at Las Moritas. - Ceremony Coffee Roasters
Las Moritas farm - Ceremony Coffee Roasters
Las Moritas ripe harvest - Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Until next time, happy brewing!
- Michael

posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 2:15pm by Michael Harwood

Ceremony Annuals Summer 2017 coffee blend

Summer is officially here, which means it's prime iced coffee time! Guests often inquire as to what type of coffee works best for chilled brew methods and my initial reply is, "What type of experience are you or your guests expecting? Rich and chocolatey? Elegant and well-fruited?" There's a coffee for each palate or objective.

Beyond preference are some underlying truths to cold brewing, so let's explore!

There are two primary methods of brewing iced coffee:

Cold Brew : cool to room temperature water is used to brew over 12-18 hours, produces a mellow flavor and is highly caffeinated, this is how we brew the base of our Nitro Cold Brew!

Ceremony Cold Brew at Home using ToddySteep your own Cold Brew at home!

Flash Brew: hot water is used to brew the coffee directly onto ice in ~3 minutes, produces a specific, coffee-forward flavor and is moderately caffeinated, how we make a pour over: Learn our technique here!

Ceremony Flash Brew Coffee at Home using BonaVITA
Or try your hand at Flash Brewing! We're big fans of the BonaVITA Immersion Dripper for these quick iced brews!

To get geeky for a minute... Coffee extracts in three stages over time: brightness first, sweetness second, bitterness last. These flavor compounds are held in the nooks and crannies of the grounds, leaving it to The Great Extractor (water!) to get in, dissolve/bond to the flavor solubles, then carry them into your cup! As water is the primary driver of extraction, it should be noted that when we use more water, we tend to extract more (towards bitterness) from our coffee. And vice versa - when we use less water, we tend to extract less (towards brightness). Using the right amount of water allows us to hit the coffee's sweet spot between bright and bitter! The trick with cold and flash brewing is that we have to compensate for using less water (due to needing to use ice for chilling, which dilutes!).

Since In both cases we are using less brewing water and we know this may lead to sourness, what can be done if we desire richly sweet or even bittersweet iced coffee?!? Short-term extraction solutions like A) using more brew water, B) lengthening brew times, C) adding turbulence (such as stirring), and D) grinding finer may work.
(don't tell Ronnie I said this, but...) You can use a slightly more developed roast. It's true that lighter roasts are more complex and uniquely flavored, but these enzymatically stunning roasts are denser and harder to extract if you don't have your full complement of water. Roasting darker does homogenize flavors a bit (think: chocolate/nut/smoke), but helps raise extraction by lowering the density of the seed, which makes it easier for the water to pull out more flavor! Whew! Who knew there was so much to think about before brewing a cup of coffee?!? (Want to learn more?)

That's why we want to make iced brewing easy. You deserve a roast that isn't over-roasted and bitter, but complex, exciting, and easy to extract - producing sweet, character-driven brews time and time again.

This is where Summer 2017 comes in. Built around bright, refreshing, in-season coffees, this blend has been roasted just the right amount to amplify sweetness, reduce sourness, and make your iced brewing a breeze!

70% Ethiopia Reko | washed Heirlooms
30% Costa Rica CoopeTarrazú | washed Caturra + Catuai

Try one of these beautiful bags this season only!

Ceremony Annuals iced coffee blend Summer 2017 bag

Until next time, happy brewing! - MH

posted on Monday, June 19, 2017 - 9:00am by Michael Harwood

Arnulfo Leguizamo panorama - Colombia El Faldòn - Ceremony Coffee - Photo courtesy of Cafe Imports.

We're thrice-charmed to have found another distinctly superlative Colombian coffee as the third installment in our Rare + Experimental Series. This 100% Caturra microlot comes from one of the world's most highly-awarded producers - Sr. Arnulfo Leguizamo of San Agustin, Huila. From winning First Place in Colombia's 2011 Cup of Excellence (a high-quality scoring/auction program) to producing the coffee that took home the 2013 United States and World Barista Championships, Sr. Leguizamo has a seat at the table of the most distinguished coffee producers in the world!

Try a bag today!

Arnulfo Leguizamo raking - Colombia El Faldòn - Ceremony Coffee - Photo courtesy of Cafe Imports.

In the years since winning these prestigious awards, Sr. Leguizamo continues to be a driving force for distinctive, high-quality coffees. This lot from his focused 2 hectare farm, El Faldón (The Gable), leverages his considerable expertise into a super sweet, full-bodied, balanced coffee. With all the exciting new processes and cultivars out there, it is interesting that Sr. Leguizamo still credits his successes to the fundamentals of good coffee stewardship like carefully harvesting only ripe, sweet berries by hand, meticulous wet and dry process management, and an emphasis on the farm's high elevation as his greatest ally in growing his coffee.

Arnulfo Leguizamo + co-worker - Colombia El Faldòn - Ceremony Coffee - Photo courtesy of Cafe Imports.

This rare air helps bring the best out of the Caturra cultivar (C. arabica var. caturra). Caturra is typically blended with other cultivars, so we think you'll find a certain joy in exploring this cultivar-specific microlot! Known for being sweet with good brightness, we find that El Faldón is one of the fullest, most satisfying expressions of this cultivar we've ever tasted. Couple that with our roast development that emphasizes sweetness and texture, and you have a coffee that should please just about any palate!

Watch a short video on Sr. Leguizamo at his farm.


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