Ceremony at SCAA 2013


Ceremony at SCAA 2013

Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 9:30am By Jonathan

Today, team Ceremony will make its way up to Boston for the 25th Annual SCAA Exposition. We are excited to visit the exhibitor booths, work with some amazing people and watch some intense competition. Even though we will not be exhibiting this year we made a point to schedule time with some of our friends, at their booths, to collaborate, throw a spot light on what they do and pull some killer shots. If you are gonna be at SCAA and want to say hi, or just taste some killer coffee, come by any of these amazing spots.

From 1-3PM we will be at two different booths doing something special at each.
We will be at the Slayer Espresso booth (#845) pulling our new Single Origin Rwanda espresso. This will be a reunion of the Slayer+Ceremony combination that won America's Best Espresso New York (with a different espresso though).
During that time you can also check us out at the La Marzocco booth (#518-519) on the Strada EP doing some pressure profiling with the Single Origin Rwanda as well.

Come by the Daterra Estates booth (#623) any time throughout the day to taste some Cerrado Gold and catch up with us and the Daterra team.

From 8-12PM we will be at the La Marzocco & Kalita Lobby Cafe (near the signup area) pulling shots of Destroyer espresso and making some tasty beverages to help your Sunday morning be that much better.

If you are looking to taste some amazing espresso, talk to some cool people or just watch some baristas play with amazing equipment come see the Ceremony team in action.