Joining the Ceremony Team


Joining the Ceremony Team

Posted on Friday, July 12, 2013 - 11:30am By Michael

As greens and grays run together on my first drive to Ceremony Coffee Roasters, so my mind blurs memories of where I’ve been with anticipatory feelings of where I’m going. After four years in North Carolina learning everything I could about coffee, the timing felt right for a new beginning. Knowing Ceremony’s positive reputation in the Specialty Coffee industry, I jumped at the chance to be their new Training and Quality Manager. Going in, I knew the coffees to be delicious, but after spending some time with the crew, I was also taken with their sense of community and progressive approach to coffee. After three full weeks of working, I have found Ceremony to be exactly that and more: a place for exploration, for community, and for really, really tasty coffee.

Snapshot of Ceremony

Full of training, experimentation, and meeting new people, my time so far has passed in a blur. Working closely with Jonathan, our super-helpful out-going trainer, we made some exciting and useful updates to the class offerings. By introducing new exercises, sensory experiences, and refining the guidelines, we hope to make these classes even more engaging and educational. I hope to see you at our upcoming events!

One of the most inspiring parts of working at Ceremony is their drive to experiment and improve at what we do. In my very first week, I was able to collaborate with Rob, our brilliant technician, to explore what happens when you add turbulence to cold-brewing coffee. We set up a number of tests and catalogued the results, garnering some valuable insights. We’re still in the process of testing and tasting, but we can’t wait to share some of our results, i.e. serving you tastier cold brew! We’ve already dialed a new recipe in, so let us know what you think!

As fate would have it, another member of the Ceremony family started the same day I did. Our new head roaster, Caleb, is Aussie born and bred, and he brings a ton of roasting experience and new perspective. The past few weeks have been a terrific learning experience, both learning from him directly and through watching him making roasting adjustments. We’ve spent a great deal of time tasting and talking about his coffees, and it has been very exciting to taste that his coffees are more and more delicious with every batch.

Although these first few weeks have passed so quickly, so much has been accomplished. On my drive home at the end of last week, as those greens and grays infused with warmer colors from the setting sun, that blur seemed to slow down and I realized a big reason why is that I feel like a part of the Ceremony family.