Rorschach Test III: Sumatra Tano Batak


Rorschach Test III: Sumatra Tano Batak

Posted on Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 9:45am By Michael Harwood

Where Test I: Bolivia Apolo was focused on light brown sweetness and Test II: Rwanda Gitesi was a sweet-tart candy of complex fruit, Test III: Sumatra Tano Batak is many of our favorite sweet green flavors ensconced in the arms of a big, comforting body. Sumatras are known for having fuller bodies than most coffees and that holds true here. This isn't your Dad's Sumatra though (Happy Father's Day, Dad!). Instead of earthy, dirty, mellow flavors, our Tano Batak is going to give you one of the most exciting Sumatran flavor profiles you've ever had. Imagine baked caramel apple, your favorite hops, and Green Chartreuse (

Test III

As this is our Rorschach Espresso Test, you'll be tasting a blend of the Sumatra Tano Batak that is one part filter profile and one part espresso profile. These two roast profiles have been aged for different amounts of time to get you the sweetest, most flavorful coffee possible. This coffee is intended for espresso extraction, so we have provided a starter recipe below. You'll notice we run more water for a longer period of time than with our Destroyer or Mass Appeal blends. This has a lot to do with the denser, brighter filter roast in the blend.

Sumatra Tano Batak Mélange
50% filter profile/50% espresso profile
Ideal Off-Roast Dates: Filter - 3 weeks off; Espresso - 1 week off
Recipe: A 1:2 to 1:2.2 weight ratio, about 2 - 2.2 fl. oz., we might call this Normale to Normale Plus
Dose: However much fits comfortably in your basket (fill it up and level it off without settling to find out), we use 20.5 grams
Beverage Weight: If a 20.5 gram dose at the 1:2 - 1:2.2 range of weight ratios, then extract 41 - 45g grams beverage weight
Extraction Time: 40 - 45 seconds total extraction time (if no soft infusion stage)
Brew Temperature: 201 F

Check it out and let us know what you taste!