Ceremony Spotlight: Maria Cervasio


Ceremony Spotlight: Maria Cervasio

Posted on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 4:30pm By Michael Harwood

You've seen them buzzing around, roasting & packaging delicious coffee. You know their helpful voices from when you call in with a question or an order. They've crafted you exceptional drinks time and again. Starting here and with each subsequent interview, you'll get to better know one of our team members through what we call the Ceremony Spotlight.

Today's spotlight shines on one of our amazing roastery production staff.

Name Maria Cervasio
Job at Ceremony Roaster's Assistant
Hometown Annapolis, Maryland

Maria at the San Fran sample roaster.

How did you get started with coffee and Ceremony?
After getting out of high school, I was eagerly looking for a fast paced job after being a front desk coordinator at an aesthetician office. I wanted to be on my feet working for a small business and serving something I could sink my teeth into. I literally flipped through a phone book and saw Cafe Pronto's number (our satellite retail location at Riva Festival Shopping Center) and promptly called to see if they were hiring!

What do you enjoy about working in coffee?
I love the intimacy of such a collectively valued commodity. It is a product that improves functionality while offering a bountiful resource to satisfy the senses. While being incredibly personally meaningful, it fuels a group of shared passion, loyalty, and sense of community.

What are your preferred brewing methods? Do you have any tips?
I initially fell in love with Beehouse. I loved the idea that I could brew a single cup of filter coffee that allows me to control all of the variables. When we got the Bonavita Immersion Drippers I quickly converted. I enjoy the combination of filter coffee with the French press concept where all of the coffee is brewing with all of the water at at once. It still provides that filtered cup that I love along with a more consistent brew.
As far as tips go, preheat all of your equipment before brewing and make sure you have a good grinder. If you're using the immersion dripper, make sure the latch on the bottom is closed when your getting ready to brew! That unfortunately took me a few failed attempts to get used to.

Maria loading the green coffee.

What is your go-to coffee right now?
Our Kenya Gondo and Ecuador Perla Chiquita have consistently been my go to. I love how those two entirely different terroirs offer two beautiful flavor forward unique cups.

What is one thing you'd like to change in coffee?
I would like to see more focus on the flavor that those little "beans" have to offer! Often in the coffee industry I see so much focus on sourcing coffee and brewing coffee, but I really want to see more attention and care go into the actual coffee itself. If we source these amazing coffees and we don't allow them to reach their full potential, then we're missing out. I would love for some more solid research in the chemical process that occurs while coffee is roasted. Coffee roasters have their job cut out for them. There's so much that goes on each minute during a roast that we don't really understand. We've come so far at Ceremony and I feel like we've made great strides together in understanding as many of the variables as possible. There is so much we still don't know!

When you're not consuming or being consumed by coffee, what else do you love to do?
I love reading, enjoying even more flavors in good food and libations, and I also really love music. Going to a really good show is always my best recharge. You'll also often find me jamming out at work listening to whatever new music I've discovered.

Maria learning with the best.

That's our Maria! She's a great presence around the roastery and is a wise, compassionate soul. Give her a wave the next time you're by the roastery!

Until next time, happy brewing!