Sulawesi + Papua New Guinea


Sulawesi + Papua New Guinea

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2018 - 4:45pm By Michael Harwood

Finding clean, delicious coffees from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea can be tricky. Producers in Indonesia traditionally engage in the Wet-Hulling processing method, then often ground-dry their coffees, leaving an earthy taste with reduced acidity. Though Papua New Guinea washes its coffees, rendering them cleaner with more sparkle, overall production is still relatively low and most farmers have little more than a garden's worth of trees, making single-farmer lots hard to come by.

Sulawesi PT Toarco Jaya. Photo courtesy of Cafe Imports.

That's where our friends at Cafe Imports come in, having built relationships in both countries to purchase coffees that are sweet, transparent, and delicious! We were fortunate to be able to select two such lots: a microlot from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea called Moanti and an 100% Peaberry lot from the famous PT Toarco Jaya estate of Tana Toraja Regency, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Sulawesi Tana Toraja. Photo courtesy of Cafe Imports.

Unlike most Indonesian coffees' all-too-typical earthy/dirty character, PT Toarco Jaya's washed Sulawesi lot expresses itself as sweet, clean, and complex. Rich chocolate gingersnap and sweet molasses aromatics complement a beautiful dried mango flavor, delivering on its promise as a satisfying cold weather coffee. Toarco has a solid history of improving quality and this 100% Peaberry lot is no exception! Learn more about this full-bodied Peaberry lot here

Papua New Guinea Moanti. Photo courtesy of Cafe Imports.

If you've ever tasted a Papua New Guinea, you know that these clean, Washed coffees tend to stand apart from their westerly Wet Hulled brethren of the Indonesian archipelago. Organization and motivation have been ongoing obstacles, but in 2011, the Moanti smallholder network was born and has since become known for producing high-quality microlots. We are happy to share the culmination of years of hard work by Moanti Ise, who is almost single-handedly responsible for bringing these 270 small holding farmers together. You'll enjoy flavors that remind you of blackberry rhubarb pie, maple nut, and cranberry lemonade. Explore this limited-time microlot more here.