Now On Tap: Nitro Cold Brew


Now On Tap: Nitro Cold Brew

Posted on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 - 5:45pm By Michael Harwood

If you ever tasted our house-made cold brew, you know how refreshing and drinkable it is. So why mess with a good thing? Well, after much experimentation, we've feel like we've done one better with a little help from our friends. Over the last month, we've been working with Oliver Brewing Company, Baltimore's oldest running pub and brewery, to roll out the first couple batches of our kegged Nitro Cold Brew. The feedback has been exciting - if you take your meals in the Naval Academy Dining Hall, you know what I'm talking about!

Ceremony Nitro Kegs

So what is Nitro Cold Brew? We start with one of our freshly-ground single-origins, add filtered, room temp water, and allot about a day's worth of time. With these fundamental items, we increase the recipe from a 1-gallon Toddy to a several-hundred gallon lauter tun at Oliver. Surprisingly, it's not as hard as you might think to scale up a brew - if you account for dose, water, temperature, turbulence, grind size, off-grind time, roast consistency, roast age, and a few dozen other variables! Okay, so it is a little tricky, but we quickly figured it out under the steady hand of Oliver's owner, Justin Dvorkin. From the a lauter tun, aka big metal tub #1, we filter the fresh brew, then nitrogenate and keg the freshly gassy coffee. Nitrogen has a very different effect on coffee compared to carbon dioxide. Instead of being effervescent, prickly, and slightly sour from carbonation, the nitrogen creates a creamy, velvety, slightly sweet effect. The gas you most likely know from Guinness and 78% of the Earth's atmosphere also serves to reduce oxidation, which in turn keeps the coffee tasting fresh and flavorful for longer. We've had kegs taste good over a month, which is considerably longer than regular cold brew left in a jar or pitcher. The best thing is, when you order a nitro cold brew, all our barista must do is fully pull on a stout tap to fill up your glass!

Vince with the batch

As you see, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this 100% coffee-based beverage is a beer, but watching the cascading bubbles is only part of the enjoyment. If you love sweet, but not-too-sweet, creamy, way-too-easy-to-drink coffee beverages, then our nitro cold brew is definitely for you. Come enjoy a glass today at Ceremony and at many of our wholesale partners coming soon!

Nitro Cold Brew in a Pilsner glass