Ceremony Annuals: Winter 2016


Ceremony Annuals: Winter 2016

Posted on Monday, January 11, 2016 - 1:15pm By Michael Harwood

Ceremony Annuals

Say hello to Annuals, Ceremony's twist on a seasonal blend series! By offering new, unique blends based on in-season coffees, seasonally appropriate flavors, and fun themes, we intend to engage your palate, mind, and aesthetic eye!

In the Spring, Summer, and Fall, you can expect us to highlight coffees from the Northern Hemisphere (Meso America, northerly Africa, northerly South Asia and Pacific Islands). In the Fall, Winter, and Spring, the Southern Hemisphere will reign (South America, southerly Africa, southerly South Asia and Pacific Islands). Why blend with freshly harvested coffee? Because it tastes better than that roasted from old green coffee. Once a coffee berry is picked from the tree, the clock is ticking!

Annuals are also about blending to create distinctive seasonal flavor experiences:

Winter - Full-bodied + Balanced - It's not just heartier food we crave in chilly, Hibernal months. Stay warm with this rich, deep, and comforting blend.
Spring - Bright + Sweet - With the world reawakening around us, this lively, elegant blend will rejuvenate your taste buds with light, fresh flavors.
Summer - Sweet + Iced-focused - How do you like your iced coffee? This blend will make a perfectly sweet, full cold cup for those hot, sticky days.
Fall - Progressive Series - Back to school! Learn what a difference blending makes by experiencing all four, unique versions of this experimental project.
Holiday - Berry-forward + Rich - Gather round with family and friends to enjoy this fruity, sweet, and full-bodied blend that will satisfy everyone in your household.

Ceremony Annuals Winter 2016 package

One other quite interesting thing about Annuals. We are roasting these blends in-between our light peak and espresso profiles. You may have noticed that traditionally, all of our single origins and house blends are light roast profiles, while our espressos are medium roast profiles. These roast levels are a big part of what makes us Ceremony. So why change our roasting for Annuals? There are a couple of reasons. The biggest is that we want these blends to be easily brewable as filter and espresso. Through roast profiling and tasting by our QA team, we find the sweet spot in between our two typical roast levels that makes these blends accessible to your pour over dripper or espresso machine. Read on below to see our recommended brewing parameters for this profile. The other big reason for splitting the difference is that we want Annuals to be a blend everyone can get excited about! By developing the coffees just that little bit more, we feel that the added depth and body will offer a wonderful complement to our lighter, cleaner, and more elegant roasts. We hope you agree!

Since Annuals roasts are slightly more developed, the rule of thumb will be that compared to our light peak roasts, you'll want to brew stronger ratio-wise and grind more coarsely. Compared to our espresso roasts, you'd want to brew Annuals weaker ratio-wise and grind finer. Annuals are basically the middle bowl of porridge, not too hot, not too cold, just right!

Light Peak Profile - Pour Over 1:17 - Immersion 1:15.5 - Espresso 1:3
Annuals Profile - Pour Over 1:16 - Immersion 1:14.5 - Espresso 1:2.3
Espresso Profile - Pour Over 1:15 - Immersion 1:13.5 - Espresso 1:1.75

Until next time, happy brewing!