Asymmetries Returns!


Asymmetries Returns!

Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 11:45am By Michael Harwood


If you pressed me, I'd probably tell you that I prefer Washed coffees over Natural coffees ninety-nine times out of a hundred. I'm not trying to be a Natural hater. It's just that I enjoy Washed coffees' cleaner flavor (as a result of fewer defects and little-to-no fermentation), sparkling acidity, and engaging mouthfeel more. Every once in a while though, a Natural coffee comes along that tastes clean, berrylicious, but not too fermenty, and just incredibly delightful. Our Ethiopia Wazzala Natural is such a coffee, tasting of strawberry, cherry, and raisins, which is why I'm super excited about this year's version of Asymmetries!

You all know the deal - Asymmetries is a progressive espresso series predicated around two coffees, one washed and one natural. This year, it's the Ethiopia Wazzala Natural as mentioned, and the Ethiopia Beriti Washed. We'll start with a blend of 20% Wazzala Natural and 80% Beriti Washed, then subsequently shift the blend 20% towards the Natural every few weeks.

Why should you try it? Because Ethiopian coffees are some of the best in the world! Also, most cafes serve static blends, which are comforting and consistent, but a progressive blend gives you insight into how blending ratios affect flavor, body, and more. Look for your favorite cafe to carry the entire series so you get to taste the experience! You can also order the series online. Don't have an espresso machine? That's okay! I highly recommend our Asymmetries blends in an immersion dripper, press pot, or other steeping methods.

What to know more about the coffees? Check them out here:

Beriti Washed -
Character - Crisp, juicy, medium body, silky, citrus

Wazzala Natural -
Character - Sweet, creamy, full body, berries & cherries

Asymmetries Version 1

V1, a 20% to 80% blend, leads heavy on the Bertiti Washed. Buy a bag here:

To get your mouth watering, here's what you can expect to taste in V1:

Fresh melon aromatics
Sweet chocolate and blackberry
in a crisp, juicy cup

You can see the Beriti asserting itself in V1 with the overall experience being on the crisp, juicy side. A hint of the Wazzala Natural sneaks in with the blackberry though! We think this version will make a beautiful espresso, Long Black, or Cortado. As the blend progresses toward the Natural, the body will get fuller, the taste fruitier, and the mouthfeel more mellow. This shift will take any milk drink and imbue it with the taste of berries and cream. I can't wait!

How did we extract V1? I'm glad you asked! First thing, age that roast to at least one week off. I promise it'll taste so much more flavorful once the degassing begins to subside! If you are pulling shots in its second week off-roast, try a 1:1.65 "Golden" brew ratio* in 27-29 seconds (no pre-infusion was used on our end) at a 201F set point. As the roast ages to week three, try tightening up your brew ratio to closer to 1:1.5 and pulling for 28-30 seconds.

Caleb blending Asymmetries shots

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Until next time, happy brewing!

* Brew Ratio - First number is dose weight. Second number is beverage weight. Together you have a recipe! Controlling these is one of the best things you can do to help dial-in your espresso!