Holiday Blend 2015


Holiday Blend 2015

Posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 12:15pm By Michael Harwood

Ceremony Holiday 2015

Hard to believe it's that time of year again! Though the weather hasn't given us a cold shoulder yet, the leaves are exploding with radiance, as is my family about the season's festivities. Commence with the texting! Though I'm not a big fan of holiday creep (Christmas in July, anyone?), past years of procrastination have left me scrambling. This year, I promised myself that I'll be different, starting with making sure I have the perfect coffee for Thanksgiving (Don't forget the Decaf either! Seriously, our Decaf Colombia is really good!). Thankfully, we're releasing our Holiday Blend 2015 this week, so you and I can check great coffee off our lists nice and early (Did you know most of our coffees taste better with almost a week of rest off-roast?). There will be fresh roasts every week through Christmas, so stop back often to recharge, as we're pretty sure your company will love this full, sweet, satisfying coffee!

To build this two-bean blend, we started with the idea that a holiday coffee should be well-liked by everyone in your house. We also wanted it to pair well with traditional holiday food, drink, and dessert. To do this, we began with our Ethiopia Wazzala Natural - a coffee with a big personality that brings a barrelfull of dark red fruit to the cup. Imagine ripe cranberries followed by a sip of red wine. Of course, every leading character needs a foil to bring out the best in both, so we experimented with blending several different coffees before striking gold with the Honduras Jaguar Land III. Though it sounds more like the latest B-movie blockbuster than delicious coffee, trust us when we say this washed Central just works as a contrast to its fruitier Natural counterpart. Adding a deep, molasses-like sweetness and warming spice aromatics, the Jaguar Land's deeply steady Spock plays the perfect sidekick to the Wazzala's flamboyant Kirk, creating a fuller, more complex, more satisfying cup.

Kirk, Spock, + Lincoln

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

Until next time, happy brewing!