New Faces: Erin R. - Coffeehouse Manager


New Faces: Erin R. - Coffeehouse Manager

Posted on Monday, January 12, 2015 - 11:45am By Michael Harwood

Erin pouring

You may have noticed a new face around the roastery cafe as of late.

We are proud to welcome Erin R. as Ceremony's new coffeehouse manager! Erin has already won us over with her desire to lead, drive to be a student of coffee, and ability to make us laugh. Originally from Maryland, Erin spent her recent past in Portland, Oregon, managing a non-profit coffeehouse that offers a welcoming space for children, caregivers, and the surrounding community. We feel lucky to have her and look forward to you meeting her!

So that you can get to know her a little better, we asked her a few questions:

MH What got you into coffee?

ER I wish I could say that there was a particular moment or a cup of coffee that got me hooked, but that's not the case. I fell into coffee. I had no experience when I started my first barista job, but I quickly realized how well-suited I was for the industry. I've always been both left-brained and right-brained, and a good coffee experience combines art, science, human interaction and everything in between.

MH What is something that people might not know about you?

ER I grew up in Maryland. I've been referred to a lot recently as the girl from Portland, but until six years ago I was living on the eastern shore enjoying hot crab/cold beer summers. I miss Portland, but not as much as I missed Maryland while I was away. Another fun fact: my sister is a baker at Baker's & Co. We're planning to take over Annapolis.

MH What is your favorite coffee and brewing method combination right now?

ER You'll usually find me drinking a cappuccino or a long black made with whatever espresso we have on bar, but that's because I'm so busy. Haha. If I had time to kill, I'd probably make myself a pourover of our Kenya Gondo. The new Sumatra Sabri is great, too!

MH With the New Year upon us, what is one resolution you'd like to make for the cafe?

ER While living in Portland I worked for a nonprofit coffeehouse. Our goal was to provide resources to families in the community, so hospitality was of utmost importance. You can always improve on customer service! I'm excited to continue educating our customers about our products and what we are trying to achieve at Ceremony because it is truly fascinating. I'd like the level of hospitality in the cafe to match the quality of the product that the rest of the team works so hard to produce. In a phrase - that fourth wave coffee experience!

MH If we theoretically hybridized the SL-28, Yellow Bourbon, and Pacamara cultivars together, what would you call the new variety?

ER Winter Vaca (28 days in February, Bourbon...self-explanatory, and the Pacamara was actually referred to in one article as an "exotic superstar," a combination of two other varietals - sounds like a party to me)

MH Thanks, Erin!

Now that you know her a little better, don't be shy, say hi the next time you're in!

Until next time, happy brewing!