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12.5g coffee : 200g water : 2:45 minute brew

Recipe yields ~6 oz and uses a 1:16 brewing ratio. Place filter in cap, then twist onto chamber. Rinse well with hot water, then place on mug.

Add 12.5g of freshly roasted coffee, ground a bit finer than table salt just before brewing, tare scale to zero out weight.

Fill the chamber with 200g of 205˚F water, then stir 3 times to saturate grounds.

Immediately set the plunger an 1/8” into the Aeropress to stop the out-dripping of the water.

After 1min 15sec, remove the plunger and stir 3 more times.

Reset the plunger and press slowly over 30sec until no more brew is extracted.

Stir or swirl coffee to mix the flavors.


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