What we do

How we brew


Cupping coffee is a core value at Ceremony. There are four main reasons why we cup: to source coffee, to control quality, to learn, and to teach.

Cupping for Sourcing

We use cupping as a tool to systematically assess the quality of each sample that we receive.

The first step in cupping is to analyze the fragrance. Fragrance can tell us a lot about a coffee’s quality and whether or not it has been processed well and is free of defects. A good coffee’s fragrance has great complexity, depth, intensity, and purity. Following the fragrance we analyze the aromatics, when water is introduced and subsequently when gases are released by breaking the crust. Then we slurp—really loud. It’s not pretty and sounds funny, but the slurp allows us to maximize our ability to smell and taste the coffee at the same time (the two senses are highly interrelated).

Through evaluating a coffee’s fragrance, aromatics, acidity, mouthfeel, sweetness, and balance, we learn whether any given coffee meets are stringent quality standards. In the end, only a small percentage of samples meet our approval.

Cupping for Quality Control

Cupping is one of the main tools we use to ensure we are achieving the desired roast profiles. Slight variations in the roast profile can be detected and corrected by production cupping.

Cupping to Learn

Cupping is a fantastic way to learn more about coffee and there are many approaches we take to educate ourselves.

We cup the same coffee roasted to different profiles to analyze how roast influences our perception of coffee. We cup different coffees from the same country to get a greater depth of understanding of country characteristics and regional variations. We cup different varietals from the same farm and compare and contrast.

We cup to try and figure out what we don’t understand. We cup and cup and cup.

Cupping to Teach

We believe cupping is not something that should be left to the professionals. We love meeting with our customers for our public cuppings. For a full schedule please Click Here. These cuppings are informal and a great place to gather together and learn more about this amazing beverage.