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20g coffee : 340g water : 3 minute brew

Recipe yields ~11 oz and uses a 1:17 brewing ratio. Fold the seams of the filter, place in dripper, and rinse thoroughly with hot water.

Place dripper on cup, then onto the scale, tare to zero out weight.

Add 20g of freshly roasted coffee, ground as fine as table salt just before brewing, tare to zero out weight.

Start pouring gently and directly into the center, adding just enough 205˚F water to saturate the grounds (40g).

As your bloom is peaking (after 15-20 sec), continue pouring into the center of the coffee bed, keeping the dripper half full.

Your target weight is 340g. Use the last 30g to pour around the outside rim of the coffee bed.

The whole brew should take 3min. Stir or swirl coffee to mix flavors.


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1:15.5 Dose 22g Grind slightly finer than you would with a hot pour over.

65% Water, 35% Ice

Water Weight 220g Pour more slowly than you would with a hot pour over.

Ice Weight 120g

Extraction Time 3m

Brew onto ice. When done brewing, pour mixture into a glass filled with more ice.

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