What we do

How we brew


There is an amazing story behind each coffee we source and roast. In each story, the main characters are the farmers. They tend to be passionate people who pour their lives into their farms. Without their passion and hard work, the specialty coffee industry would not exist.

Each story also involves a coffee’s terroir—the country, region, altitude, micro-climate and soil in which it is grown. How the coffee is processed, stored and shipped also play a major role and greatly impact how the coffee will taste. By the time a coffee reaches our roastery, the story is mostly written. The quality of the bean, and what makes it special is already there.

Our roasting philosophy, then, has much to do with paying respect to all the work that has gone on beforehand that makes this coffee special. To us, this means bringing out the coffee’s terroir in a way that highlights the flavors inherent in the bean. At the same time, we roast in a way that ensures the coffee will be wonderfully balanced between, sweetness, acidity and mouthfeel.

In practice, this often means a lighter roast. As a coffee progresses from light to dark, there is a point at which each coffee begins to lose its varietal characteristics, and begins to take on “roasty notes”. The darker the coffee is roasted, the more it will taste like any other coffee roasted to this degree.

If you love tasting and discovering nuance in coffee, if you love a coffee that is wonderfully complex yet balanced, and if you love knowing where a coffee comes from and who has grown it, then chances are you will love our coffee and the way we choose to roast it.