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The Americas

Apart from Brasil, most coffees from the Americas are processed using the washed method. Coffee is picked and brought to a mill where the pulp is removed from the cherry and the remaining fruit is cleaned off either by fermentation, or a machine called a demucilager, and then put on patios to dry. Washed coffees from the Americas typically exhibit clean balanced cups with medium body and acidity. Each country has its own set of characteristics, but in general, you'll find aromatics of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, & soft florals, corresponding flavors, and citric acidity. The beauty of exemplary coffees from any region is that they can exhibit special and unique flavors outside of these general descriptions. Expect our American coffees to surprise you with nuance and candied sweetness.

Coffees from Brasil are typically processed differently than other American coffees using natural and pulped natural processing methods. Natural coffees are left to dry with the entire fruit intact. Pulped-natural coffees are stripped of their skin, leaving the sticky fruit called muscilage on the coffee to dry. Both these methods result in coffees that tend to have a lot of chocolate, darker fruit notes, big sweetness and a slightly heavier body. Look for our Brasils to exhibit loads of chocolate and a softer acidity than their American counterparts.