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posted on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 7:15pm by Michael Harwood

Ceremony Coffee DC Workshop 1

The possibilities are practically endless when opening a coffee space in our nation's capital. Do you embrace the traditional cafe route, focus on amazing food, or cross-over with another unique business? There are so many potentials in Washington DC, but we decided the best way to serve our community right now is through a space that educates and makes accessible your coffee ritual. Our DC Workshop doesn't have cafe service or food (except at parties!). Rather, it focuses on wholesale + public classes, free weekly coffee breaks, and bringing people together in our vibrant District coffee community!

Ceremony Coffee DC Workshop Grand Opening

You can find us at 1228 31st St. NW #101B in Hamilton Court, which is a small collection of buildings in Georgetown that features a fascinating, coffee-filled past: http://georgetownmetropolitan.com/2009/03/15/georgetowns-lost-beatnik-past/

Link up for maps of all our locations: http://ceremonycoffee.com/coffeehouse

Whether you want to attend one of our free Weekly Coffee Breaks, take a wholesale partner class, or a home barista class, we've got you covered! Check out http://ceremonycoffee.com/events for the happenings at each of our locations.

Ceremony Coffee DC Workshop Grand Opening 2

We hope to see you in Georgetown soon!

Ceremony Coffee DC Workshop Grand Opening 3

posted on Monday, January 11, 2016 - 1:15pm by Michael Harwood

Ceremony Annuals

Say hello to Annuals, Ceremony's twist on a seasonal blend series! By offering new, unique blends based on in-season coffees, seasonally appropriate flavors, and fun themes, we intend to engage your palate, mind, and aesthetic eye!

In the Spring, Summer, and Fall, you can expect us to highlight coffees from the Northern Hemisphere (Meso America, northerly Africa, northerly South Asia and Pacific Islands). In the Fall, Winter, and Spring, the Southern Hemisphere will reign (South America, southerly Africa, southerly South Asia and Pacific Islands). Why blend with freshly harvested coffee? Because it tastes better than that roasted from old green coffee. Once a coffee berry is picked from the tree, the clock is ticking!

Annuals are also about blending to create distinctive seasonal flavor experiences:

Winter - Full-bodied + Balanced - It's not just heartier food we crave in chilly, Hibernal months. Stay warm with this rich, deep, and comforting blend.
Spring - Bright + Sweet - With the world reawakening around us, this lively, elegant blend will rejuvenate your taste buds with light, fresh flavors.
Summer - Sweet + Iced-focused - How do you like your iced coffee? This blend will make a perfectly sweet, full cold cup for those hot, sticky days.
Fall - Progressive Series - Back to school! Learn what a difference blending makes by experiencing all four, unique versions of this experimental project.
Holiday - Berry-forward + Rich - Gather round with family and friends to enjoy this fruity, sweet, and full-bodied blend that will satisfy everyone in your household.

Ceremony Annuals Winter 2016 package

One other quite interesting thing about Annuals. We are roasting these blends in-between our light peak and espresso profiles. You may have noticed that traditionally, all of our single origins and house blends are light roast profiles, while our espressos are medium roast profiles. These roast levels are a big part of what makes us Ceremony. So why change our roasting for Annuals? There are a couple of reasons. The biggest is that we want these blends to be easily brewable as filter and espresso. Through roast profiling and tasting by our QA team, we find the sweet spot in between our two typical roast levels that makes these blends accessible to your pour over dripper or espresso machine. Read on below to see our recommended brewing parameters for this profile. The other big reason for splitting the difference is that we want Annuals to be a blend everyone can get excited about! By developing the coffees just that little bit more, we feel that the added depth and body will offer a wonderful complement to our lighter, cleaner, and more elegant roasts. We hope you agree!

Since Annuals roasts are slightly more developed, the rule of thumb will be that compared to our light peak roasts, you'll want to brew stronger ratio-wise and grind more coarsely. Compared to our espresso roasts, you'd want to brew Annuals weaker ratio-wise and grind finer. Annuals are basically the middle bowl of porridge, not too hot, not too cold, just right!

Light Peak Profile - Pour Over 1:17 - Immersion 1:15.5 - Espresso 1:3
Annuals Profile - Pour Over 1:16 - Immersion 1:14.5 - Espresso 1:2.3
Espresso Profile - Pour Over 1:15 - Immersion 1:13.5 - Espresso 1:1.75

Until next time, happy brewing!

posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 12:15pm by Michael Harwood

Ceremony Holiday 2015

Hard to believe it's that time of year again! Though the weather hasn't given us a cold shoulder yet, the leaves are exploding with radiance, as is my family about the season's festivities. Commence with the texting! Though I'm not a big fan of holiday creep (Christmas in July, anyone?), past years of procrastination have left me scrambling. This year, I promised myself that I'll be different, starting with making sure I have the perfect coffee for Thanksgiving (Don't forget the Decaf either! Seriously, our Decaf Colombia is really good!). Thankfully, we're releasing our Holiday Blend 2015 this week, so you and I can check great coffee off our lists nice and early (Did you know most of our coffees taste better with almost a week of rest off-roast?). There will be fresh roasts every week through Christmas, so stop back often to recharge, as we're pretty sure your company will love this full, sweet, satisfying coffee!

To build this two-bean blend, we started with the idea that a holiday coffee should be well-liked by everyone in your house. We also wanted it to pair well with traditional holiday food, drink, and dessert. To do this, we began with our Ethiopia Wazzala Natural - a coffee with a big personality that brings a barrelfull of dark red fruit to the cup. Imagine ripe cranberries followed by a sip of red wine. Of course, every leading character needs a foil to bring out the best in both, so we experimented with blending several different coffees before striking gold with the Honduras Jaguar Land III. Though it sounds more like the latest B-movie blockbuster than delicious coffee, trust us when we say this washed Central just works as a contrast to its fruitier Natural counterpart. Adding a deep, molasses-like sweetness and warming spice aromatics, the Jaguar Land's deeply steady Spock plays the perfect sidekick to the Wazzala's flamboyant Kirk, creating a fuller, more complex, more satisfying cup.

Kirk, Spock, + Lincoln

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

Until next time, happy brewing!

posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 11:45am by Michael Harwood


If you pressed me, I'd probably tell you that I prefer Washed coffees over Natural coffees ninety-nine times out of a hundred. I'm not trying to be a Natural hater. It's just that I enjoy Washed coffees' cleaner flavor (as a result of fewer defects and little-to-no fermentation), sparkling acidity, and engaging mouthfeel more. Every once in a while though, a Natural coffee comes along that tastes clean, berrylicious, but not too fermenty, and just incredibly delightful. Our Ethiopia Wazzala Natural is such a coffee, tasting of strawberry, cherry, and raisins, which is why I'm super excited about this year's version of Asymmetries!

You all know the deal - Asymmetries is a progressive espresso series predicated around two coffees, one washed and one natural. This year, it's the Ethiopia Wazzala Natural as mentioned, and the Ethiopia Beriti Washed. We'll start with a blend of 20% Wazzala Natural and 80% Beriti Washed, then subsequently shift the blend 20% towards the Natural every few weeks.

Why should you try it? Because Ethiopian coffees are some of the best in the world! Also, most cafes serve static blends, which are comforting and consistent, but a progressive blend gives you insight into how blending ratios affect flavor, body, and more. Look for your favorite cafe to carry the entire series so you get to taste the experience! You can also order the series online. Don't have an espresso machine? That's okay! I highly recommend our Asymmetries blends in an immersion dripper, press pot, or other steeping methods.

What to know more about the coffees? Check them out here:

Beriti Washed - http://store.ceremonycoffee.com/coffees/beriti.html
Character - Crisp, juicy, medium body, silky, citrus

Wazzala Natural - http://store.ceremonycoffee.com/coffees/wazzala_natural.html
Character - Sweet, creamy, full body, berries & cherries

Asymmetries Version 1

V1, a 20% to 80% blend, leads heavy on the Bertiti Washed. Buy a bag here: http://store.ceremonycoffee.com/coffees/asymmetries_v1.html

To get your mouth watering, here's what you can expect to taste in V1:

Fresh melon aromatics
Sweet chocolate and blackberry
in a crisp, juicy cup

You can see the Beriti asserting itself in V1 with the overall experience being on the crisp, juicy side. A hint of the Wazzala Natural sneaks in with the blackberry though! We think this version will make a beautiful espresso, Long Black, or Cortado. As the blend progresses toward the Natural, the body will get fuller, the taste fruitier, and the mouthfeel more mellow. This shift will take any milk drink and imbue it with the taste of berries and cream. I can't wait!

How did we extract V1? I'm glad you asked! First thing, age that roast to at least one week off. I promise it'll taste so much more flavorful once the degassing begins to subside! If you are pulling shots in its second week off-roast, try a 1:1.65 "Golden" brew ratio* in 27-29 seconds (no pre-infusion was used on our end) at a 201F set point. As the roast ages to week three, try tightening up your brew ratio to closer to 1:1.5 and pulling for 28-30 seconds.

Caleb blending Asymmetries shots

Follow the entire series and let us know what you think!
Twitter: @CeremonyCoffee
Instagram: CeremonyCoffee
Facebook: Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Until next time, happy brewing!

* Brew Ratio - First number is dose weight. Second number is beverage weight. Together you have a recipe! Controlling these is one of the best things you can do to help dial-in your espresso!

posted on Monday, September 21, 2015 - 8:45am by Michael Harwood

520 Park outside

With the doors at our Baltimore cafe now open, it feels like a good time to take a breath and reflect on the process. Our team at Ceremony has spent thousands of hours over the past year planning the space, training new baristas, and testing culinary concepts, all to bring Charm City denizens the cafe they deserve!

A key cog in opening 520 Park has been one of Ceremony's newest hires, the manager of our Baltimore café - Jared Cate. Let's get to know this fellow a little better.

Jared pouring cappuccino

MH Hi, Jared. It has been pretty cool to see the hard work you've put into the cafe. Were you just born this amazing? What's your story?

JC Being a military kid, I have lived in many places. If you go by where I was born: Stuttgart Germany. If you go by where my parents are from: Tampa, Florida. If you go by most recent home: Boulder, Colorado. If you go by longest time in a location: York, England. (Is that a long enough answer?)

MH Wow. You're quite the globe trekker. How did you get started with coffee?

JC In college, I started drinking espresso drinks at a local coffee shop, and quickly came to the realization that I couldn¹t afford them, so I got a job there for the employee discount.

MH That sounds strangely familiar! So you, like me, got in for the perks. What has kept you in the game?

JC There are two things that have kept me in coffee for this long: The opportunity to continue learning about amazing coffee by being around it all the time, and being able to be a part of a community - making a simple but significant difference in customers' days.

Jared on the Synesso

MH What a guy. We're on the same page again. Customer experience is number one. Going back to your first point though - what is your current favorite coffee and favorite coffee of all time?

JC I currently keep reaching for the Ethiopia Wazzala. The depth of flavor and complexity keeps it exciting every time. My favorite of all time is the first time I tried a naturally processed Ethiopian Harrar. While it may not be my current favorite, it's definitely one of the most memorable coffee experiences I have ever had.

MH I think many people, both in and out of coffee, would echo your sentiments about that naturally processed Ethiopian eureka moment. I experienced the same deal with a batch brew of Wondo in NYC! Ok, few more questions. What is your favorite coffee ritual?

JC I don¹t know if I have a favorite ritual. One of the things I love about the coffee world is that it is so diverse. You can have coffee in different ways all the time and not ever get stuck in a rut.

MH Great point! It really takes effort to make coffee brewing boring with how the seeds and the ideal parameters are constantly changing. Thanks for taking the time answer these questions, so we can get to know you a little better. What is something people might not know about you from meeting you in the cafe?

JC I have 5 kids! So far, they all like coffee, and my oldest boy is starting to learn to pull shots on our home espresso machine!

MH So if we run into staffing problems, we don't have far to look for new applicants! As a family-man and resident of Baltimore, what do you plan on bringing to your community's newest café?

JC I want to bring an eye opening coffee experience to the Mount Vernon neighborhood, and Baltimore in general; not only though the quality of the coffee, but through the quality of service as well. The coffee world can sometimes seem unapproachable to the uninitiated, so our goal is to portray specialty coffee in a way that isn¹t off-putting, and gets people at every level of coffee knowledge excited.

MH I couldn't agree more. Specialty coffee doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. Rather, as our bag says, "Coffee should be something special" and the right group of baristas can make that happen for the folks of Baltimore! We hope you, dear reader, can find a moment to check out our new spot at 520 Park, and please feel free to say hello to Jared! Until next time, happy brewing!

520 Park interior


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