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posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 10:15am by Ronnie

Vince (aka, Geppetto) has been steadily chipping/drilling/sanding away at creating some gorgeous, custom wood and steel brew bars to showcase at Coffee Fest NYC. Here's a sneak peek:

olive wood bar top
cocobolo bar top
olive wood bar
cocobolo bar

posted on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 2:30pm by Ronnie

Andy and Jonathan headed to Manhattan this past weekend with kettles full of dynamite to compete in the 2012 Brewers Cup, part of the North East Regional Barista Competition. The whole event was another beautiful reminder of how genuine, smart, and collaborative the specialty coffee community can be. And, although our guys didn't make it into the final round, they took home (more than lightly bruised egos) a wealth of good vibes, new thoughts on brewing methods, and beans. In case you're brewing out there somewhere, and you like sharing and experimenting too, here's the recipe Jonathan had prepared for his final round presentation:

Coffee: Colombia Buena Vista, a fully washed Caturra varietal
Brewer: Small Beehouse ceramic dripper with customized #2 white, Melitta filters
Brew Ratio: 1:16
Dose: 13 g coffee to 208 g water (at 207-195°F)
Bloom Time: 25 sec
Total Time: 2:40
TDS: 1.28-1.32%
Extraction: 18-18.5%

Result: Lucid flavors of plum, raisin, raw sugar balanced by stone fruit acidity and pastry sweetness, all cooling into a port-like experience.


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