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Cold Brew Guide

Tips for making cold brew special.


Mason jar with lid
Filtered water
Masking tape (or a calendar reminder)
Fork or spoon
Drip cone
Favorite glass or storage container


Weigh and grind your coffee.

For cold brew, start with a 1:8 ratio (for every 1 gram of coffee, add 8 grams of water) to brew a slightly concentrated beverage. With our 1:8 starting ratio, 55 grams of ground coffee should yield about 1 – 16oz serving, diluted. (To dilute, add not quite half as much water as concentrate, or multiply your concentrate by 0.4 and add that in dilute.)

Adjust your water based on flavor preference and storage needs. If you are looking to prepare a more concentrated brew, try brewing closer to 1:5 or 1:6. (For these more concentrated brews, you’ll want to add closer to equal parts water or milk to concentrate.)

For cold brew, start with a fairly coarse grind. If the coffee tastes unpleasantly sharp/vegetal/under-ripe fruit, grind a little finer. If the coffee tastes bitter/flat/dull/dry/bland, grind coarser.

We recommend steeping cold brew for between 16 and 20 hours. 16 hours is going to taste a little brighter, 20 hours will be sweeter and rounder.

Store finished cold brew in the refrigerator. For best flavor, consume within 2-3 days.

Our recommendations are starting points. Adjust to suit your flavor preferences.


With your room temperature water, ground coffee, scale, mason jar, and tape we’re ready to get started.

Set an empty jar on a scale and make sure your scale is on and reading 0.0 grams.

Carefully dose grounds into the jar.

Note the dose weight and multiply by 8 (or your preference adjusted number).

Gently shake jar to level off grounds and re-zero scale.

Pour your water in the jar, trying to saturate all coffee evenly. (If you’re planning to go with a 16 hour steep, you may want to consider blooming your coffee with hot water. Use 3x as much water as coffee for a hot bloom, stir to combine, and add remaining water at room temperature.)

Once all of the water is added stir generously (at least 20x).

Lid jar and either set a reminder to drain the brew or note on masking tape your drain time.

The Next Day

Time to filter and dilute.

When it’s time to drain your cold brew (16-20 hours later), rinse a paper filter in a drip cone, discard the rinse water, and set over a fresh jar.

Open the jar with the cold brew and with a spoon or a fork held at the jar’s lip, pour the liquid contents of the jar into the filter set-up. Try to prevent too many grounds from getting into the filter as fines can cause clogs.

Discard the filter, clean the dripper and store your filtered cold brew.

To consume, pour a measured amount into a glass and cut with just shy of half as much water or milk of choice (try starting with a 1:0.4 ratio, for every 1-gram of concentrate, add 0.4 times as much water or milk).