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Immersion Dripper Brew Guide

Tips for making coffee special with your immersion dripper.


Immersion Dripper


Decanter or cup


Filtered water







Heat your water, weigh out and grind your coffee.

Heat your brew water to between 205°F and 210°F. You’ll want water at the cooler end for darker roasts and the hotter end for lighter roasts.

For immersion drippers, start around 1:16 (for every 1 gram of coffee, use 16 grams of water) for most of our single origin coffees. Adjust your water based on flavor preference. For a stronger cup of coffee, or if using a darker roast (Mass Appeal, Destroyer, etc.), try using a 1:15.5 recipe. For a lighter cup of coffee, or if using a lighter roast, try using a 1:16.5 recipe.

If your bag of coffee has been open for longer than a week or so, you might prefer a stronger recipe (what tasted great at 1:16, after a week or so of use might taste better to you at 1:15.5 or 15.8).

For the immersion dripper, a moderately-to-fairly-coarse grind is a reasonable starting point. If the draw down time is fast (under about 30 seconds) or the coffee tastes unpleasantly sharp/vegetal/under-ripe fruit, grind finer. If the draw down time is slow (over about 1 minute) or the coffee tastes bitter/flat/dull/dry/bland, grind coarser.

Our recommendations are starting points. Adjust to suit your flavor preferences.


With your heated water, ground coffee, scale, brewer and decanter, we’re ready to start making a cup of coffee.

Fold your paper filter along the seam and set in immersion dripper.

Make sure that your dripper is set to “closed.”

With your immersion dripper set to “closed,” thoroughly rinse the paper filter.

Dump the rinse water.

Set closed brewer on a scale and make sure your scale is on and reading 0.0 grams.

Carefully dose grounds into center of dripper.

Note the dose weight and multiply by 16 (or your preference adjusted number).

Gently shake dripper to level off grounds and re-zero scale.

Create a small divot in the center of the leveled grounds (loosely mimicking the shape of the dripper).

Start pouring your water in the center of the grounds, slowly spiraling out to cover all grounds to bloom the coffee. (“Blooming” refers to releasing stored carbon dioxide from the grounds—you might see the coffee start to bubble some.) Use a solid 3x as much water as coffee to bloom.

Firmly swirl slurry and let sit for a few seconds, allowing remaining gas to escape. (“Slurry” refers to the mixture of coffee grounds and hot water in your brewer.)

Resume pouring with a controlled pace working in spirals, from center toward perimeter and back again, until you have added the rest of your water.

Lid the immersion dripper and set a timer for 3 minutes.

When the timer goes off, remove the lid and gently stir the top of the slurry with a spoon.

Toggle dripper open and allow it to drain (this should ideally take between 30 and 60 seconds).

Discard filter and grounds, pour and drink.