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Customize your subscription and save on any delicious blend or single-origin coffee.

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Home Delivery

Get your Ceremony favorites delivered to your door.

How to Order

$100 minimum order for home delivery. Order cut-off time is 12:00pm on Tuesday of the delivery week. Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Email us at or call us at 410-626-0011 x115. We will be happy to help you with your order, take payment, and schedule delivery. All deliveries are in our refrigerated van, contactless, and at your doorstep. We can text you when we’ve made the drop–don’t forget to refrigerate your cold drinks right away!

We’re doing our best to pilot this delivery program to make a few essentials and good coffee more accessible during this crisis. There will some inevitable adjustments that we’ll have to make as we try to make this work. Please check back here and @ceremonycoffee on Instagram for updates.


Baltimore City + Annapolis Area — Delivery is Wednesday, place your order by Tuesday
DC Area + Montgomery Co. + Northern Virginia — Delivery is Thursday, place your order by Tuesday of that week

Weeks of 4/27, 5/11, 5/25, 6/8


Half gallons of your favorites. Serve iced or heated.

Latte, Whole Milk, 64oz – $30

Latte, Oat Milk, 64oz – $32

Chai Latte, Whole Milk, 64oz – $30

Chai Latte, Oat Milk, 64oz – $32

Mocha, Whole Milk, 64oz – $30

Mocha, Oat Milk, 64oz – $32

Matcha, Oat Milk, 64oz – $34


FESTIVE MASSIVES (contain alcohol)

White Russian 16oz, $12 or 64oz, $48


Make it special:

Simple Syrup, 16oz – $6

Vanilla Syrup, 16oz – $6

Dark Chocolate Syrup, 16oz – $6


Cold Brew Concentrate (64oz) – $34

Dilute 1:1 with milk or water for 16 x 8oz servings


Cold Brew Cans (12 pk) – $45

Nitro Mass Appeal or Ethiopia Refisa


House Baked Cookie Pack, 8 cookies – $8

Mix of Chocolate Chip, Sugar, and Oatmeal Raisin Walnut


Whisked! Vegan Cranberry Orange Oatmeal, 6 cookies – $8

One flavor per pack (you pick)

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Blackout

Simply Sugar


Gluten Free Girl Treats Selection

Mix of cookies, bars, and other baked goodies

6 pack – $10

12 pack – $20


Whole Milk, 1 gal – $5

Skim Milk, 1 gal – $5

Almond Milk, 32oz – $5

Oat Milk, 32oz – $5

Soy Milk, 32oz – $5

Masala Chai Concentrate, 32oz – $7


Hario V60 Filters, 40ct – $3.50

Chemex Square Filters – $9

Chemex Half Moon Filters – $9

Melitta #2 Filters – $5

Melitta #4 Filters – $5


Add any of our 12oz bags of coffee to your delivery order. Just let us know which ones you want!