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42g coffee : 680g water : 4 minute brew

Recipe yields ~21 oz and uses a 1:16.2 brewing ratio. Place your folded filter into the Chemex with the tri-fold spout-side. Rinse well with hot water.

Add 42g of freshly roasted coffee, ground a hair coarser than table salt, just before brewing. Tare scale to zero out weight.

Into the center, gently pour just enough 205˚F water to soak all of the grounds (84g).

As your bloom is peaking (after 15-20sec), resume a gentle, centered pour, keeping the dripper half-full.

Your target water weight is 680g. Use your last 30g to pour in a circle around the edge to draw down all of the grounds together.

The brew should take 4 minutes in total.

Stir or swirl coffee to mix the flavors.


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