Newest Arrivals

Brazil Pereira Returns

The brownest of cozy, brown single-origins just hit the roasters again. Reacquaint yourself with total classic comfort here.

What's Happening

Holiday 2016

With berry pie, red wine, and cranberry notes, Ceremony Annuals takes a victory lap for the year and for the holiday season with the release of the most beautiful blend of 2016.


Public Events

Espresso+Milk@Home - WASHINGTON DC

You have a machine and grinder. Just plug and play, right? If only it were that simple! Lucky you - we can assist you in learning how to make espresso simply, deliciously, and consistently. Maybe cappuccinos are your ritual. We've got you covered there too. From microfoam to grind, we'll teach what you need to know to pull smooth shots and steam velvety milk.

2 hours | Level 1
$100 for General Public

Please email us to register.