Newest Arrivals

Consolapan + Perla Chiquita + Gondo

Though we had to say goodbye to some delicious coffees in the past week, cheer up--new arrivals have landed. The Mexico Consolapan won Best of Mexico this year. The Ecuador Perla Chiquita has stolen the hearts of everyone here--our roaster says it's "the best coffee he's tasted all year." And rounding out the newcomer list is Kenya Gondo, a crazy dark- and dried-fruit gem with enough complexity to solve philosophy problems.

What's Happening


Every week we systematically evaluate our offering to stay dialed in. As we sipped and slurped recently, we started asking ourselves if there's room in our lineup for a blend that reflects seasonality and pushes an unabashedly bright, enzymatic coffee experience. Of course there is! So we developed a blend profile that joins fresh coffees in a way our current blends do not. Antithesis offers the deeper flavors imparted by the roasting process, Thesis gives us the carmel/sugar browning flavors that most have come to expect from house blends. In contrast to these comforts we invite you to step out and explore Archetype.


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: How Do You Store Your Beans?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is "how should I store my coffee?". Join us for a fun exploration of how different ways of storing roasted beans can affect the flavor of your coffee. From the pantry to the freezer, we'll dig deeper to help you get the most out of your brews.