Newest Arrivals

Winter Light Espresso + Gaitana

We just quietly dropped a stunning winter espresso and added a cozy, sugary new-arrival Colombia. Winter Light is a blend of two washed coffees that yields an Old Fashioned-like espresso experience. Colombia Gaitana is a washed Caturra and Castillo lot that presents an exciting example of a comfortable, sugar-browning-focused coffee that goes beyond the 3 Bs of brown, balanced, and boring!

What's Happening

Cup Tasters Challenge

Join us April 24th, for a Friday Night Cup Tasters competition, also known as triangulation cupping. 4 sets of 3 cups will be on the table. In each set, 2 are the same, 1 is different. Pull the right ones faster than anyone else and you win. It's free to attend and $5 to compete with the winner taking home the cash pot and prizes! Beer and snacks will be provided.


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: Go Nuts!

Coffee and nuts share many of the same compounds, so it's no surprise that you might taste a hint of hazelnut or smell a waft of walnut in your daily brew. Join us to taste a variety of nuts and a few coffees that exhibit these flavors. Next time you're nursing a mug and think, "It's a bit nutty." - you'll know why!