Newest Arrivals

Ocaña + Sasaba

Last week saw the return of an old friend and arrival of a new one. We're happy to welcome back for the 5th time, a crop from producer Roberto Sanchez, Guatemala San José Ocaña. Offering a super sweet, pristine cup, this coffee is a prime example of high-grown Guatemalan Coffee. Ethiopia Sasaba comes to us from the Sasaba washing station in Guji. This coffee is the sum of the collective efforts of many specialty-focused smallholder farmers. Expect a polished, fruit-forward assault on your palate.

What's Happening

Asymmetries Returns

We dropped a series of washed-to-natural blend experiments for espresso last year that upped the ante on our blend game, and we're doing it again. Asymmetries is a series of four different blends of two coffees that will gradually shift proportions over twelve weeks. The blends will explore harmonies between a washed Yirg and Guji natural, as the natural, red-blue fruit character slowly cranks up with each release. The second release: The 40:60 is now available here.


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: Exploring Flavor Notes

Ginger. Rose. Black Tea. These are just a few of the notes you'll find on a bag of Ceremony coffee. Join us as we dive into a few palate-building exercises that will have you tasting more than you thought possible.