Newest Arrivals

Winter Light Espresso + Gaitana

We just quietly dropped a stunning winter espresso and added a cozy, sugary new-arrival Colombia. Winter Light is a blend of two washed coffees that yields an Old Fashioned-like espresso experience. Colombia Gaitana is a washed Caturra and Castillo lot that presents an exciting example of a comfortable, sugar-browning-focused coffee that goes beyond the 3 Bs of brown, balanced, and boring!

What's Happening

Cup Tasters Challenge

Join us April 24th, for a Friday Night Cup Tasters competition, also known as triangulation cupping. 4 sets of 3 cups will be on the table. In each set, 2 are the same, 1 is different. Pull the right ones faster than anyone else and you win. It's free to attend and $5 to compete with the winner taking home the cash pot and prizes! Beer and snacks will be provided.


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: Battle of the House Blends

A good House coffee should be consistently delicious cup after cup. We work hard at Ceremony to keep our two House offerings at their best year round. Both Thesis - a classic cup - and Archetype - a fruit-forward coffee - are tasted and critiqued by our QC department every week. This week, you're cordially invited to help us taste these two amazing blends, then decide for yourself which one you love more!