Newest Arrivals

Four Beauties

A flood of amazing coffee just arrived. Mexico Nueva Linda is a classic cup of toasted nutty sweetness. Two new Guatemalas, the Waykan and the La Laguna, boast lots of fruity subtlety. While Kenya Kii is a massive, in-your-face cup of fruity complexity. Grab a ridiculously fresh bag of each here.

What's Happening

Ceremony Mt Vernon

We're proud to announce that we're opening a new café and training experience in Baltimore's historic Mount Vernon neighborhood. Stay tuned for updates on our site and social media.


Public Events

10 - 11 AM
Public Cupping: Nitro Cold Brew

You may have noticed a new cafe addition recently in the form of a couple taps! Though they look like beer taps, we are using this equipment to bring you kegged, nitro cold brew on-demand! We start by cold-brewing a batch of one of our favorite single origins, then we infuse this elixir with nitrogen, just like you'd see in a freshly poured Guinness. The result is cool, creamy, and refreshing, so please join us for a special tasting and to learn a little more about our process.