Newest Arrivals

Rare + Experimental Series: El Faldón

Sometimes a coffee is so sweet and balanced that it leaves you marveling how the producer did it. A cup of Sr. Leguizamo's 100% Caturra El Faldón is such an experience! Try a bag of this exceptional microlot and learn more here.

What's Happening

Summer 2017

Current plan is to super-chill all summer with iced brews of the new Annuals. Summer 2017 is a juicy mash-up of washed Ethiopia and Costa coming together for balance and brilliance in all the iced brew methods.


Public Events

Weekly Coffee Break: Coffee Recipes - DC

Join us every Thursday at our DC Workshop for a taste of what's new and exciting at Ceremony!

This week we'll be exploring coffee recipes and how that proportion of coffee to water can make or break our brews.

Free for all. No registration.