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Check in with our various projects at home and in coffee growing origins as we expand and evolve the meaning of this core value at Ceremony.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Accountability at Ceremony

We've created this space for updated content as we go forward on our commitment to becoming a more transparent, actively anti-racist collective at Ceremony. We'll post everything here from progress on internal policies to next steps in holding ourselves accountable to our BIPOC employees, partners, and neighbors.

We reached our goal!

We set a goal of donating $10,000 in roasted coffee to the heroes working at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, and we are so happy to announce we reached it this past week! For every bag we sold, $10 went towards freshly roasted, freshly ground bags of Healthcare Heroes for frontline workers to brew up at home. Thank you to everyone that helped us achieve it!

Support for Baltimore Restaurant Relief Fund

The BRRF has been such a crucial resource for industry workers during the chaos and confusion of the pandemic, and we sincerely thank the entire team for their hard work. We've contributed bags of coffee for their grocery pick-ups, and we hope to do more. We've also launched a Massive sig bev to generate some financial support, where all proceeds from retail and home delivery sales of Massive Mazagrans during June-July go directly to BRRF.

Climate Project Launches in Guatemala

We launched Climate Project to support exciting programs that empower coffee farmers to better understand and control conditions within the microclimates they grow and process coffee. This year's project focuses on linking up farmers in Guatemala with high-tech weathervane devices called Arable. Recently, we purchased and delivered two Arable devices (including cellular subscriptions for remote monitoring). Learn more here.