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22.5g coffee : 350g water : 6 minute brew

Recipe yields ~11 oz and uses a 1:15.5 brewing ratio. Make sure that your press is clean, rinse it with hot water to preheat.

Add 22.5g of freshly roasted coffee, ground like cracked pepper just before brewing, tare scale to zero out weight.

Add 350g of 205˚F water, being careful to fully saturate all dry grounds as you pour the water.

Let coffee bloom, then gently stir 3 times to mix all the grounds into water. Place the lid on top.

After 6 minutes, stire 3 more times, then begin pressing the filter down, slowly and evenly.

Optional for a cleaner cup:

Immediately pour the coffee through a gold filter into a carafe.

Stir or swirl coffee to mix the flavors.


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1:6 Brew Device: French Press, Pint Size Mason Jar, any container really.

Dose 65g

Grind Coarse

Water 400g

Steep Time 12-16 hours - prepare it the evening before, filter in the morning

Grind coffee, dose coffee into jar, fill jar with filtered room temp water, wait 12 - 16 hours (20 if in the refrigerator), decant through a paper, cloth, or metal filter.

Dilute concentrate with water and/or ice to your liking.

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