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Island Coffees

Most of our island coffees come from the Indonesian Archipelego with Papua New Guinea and Sumatra being the most commonly sourced. On occasion we might also bring in coffees from Java, Sulawesi, and Kona. Processing again plays a major role in what the coffee will be like. In general, most island coffees will contrast with Central Americans by a softer/ lower acidity, and fuller body.

Sumatrans are traditionally roughly stripped of their fruit and often dried on the ground which imparts the earthy notes so long associated with this region. We look for Sumatrans that are fairly "clean" in the cup, with hints of earth and complimentary darker fruit and tobacco notes.

In contrast to Sumatra, coffees from Papua New Guinea are often meticulously cleaned with the washed method. PNG's usually offer a slightly brighter yet still mellow acidity, cleaner flavors, sometimes savory buttery notes, sometimes berries and citrus, and a caramel sweetness.