We strive to deliver the cup of coffee that changes someone's life.

At Ceremony, we really do hear it again and again from our customers: they simply cannot forget their enigmatic first experience with our coffee. Coffee becomes something entirely new to them, even if they had been regular drinkers.

That's simply because we have an unrelenting passion for producing the best coffee, and we know what it takes to do so at every step of the process. We are constantly working amongst ourselves and with our customers to push harder toward the best coffee possible.

Our work begins by sourcing some of the best arabica beans from four continents each growing season. We often travel to coffee farms to build relationships with farmers and to help perfect the process from the very beginning.

After the green coffee arrives in Annapolis, we set about honing a new roast profile for that crop. Our goal is to really understand the coffee that we're working with and bring out its individual character and inherent qualities. This is, above all, the heart of our craft.

The result is that we can offer a consistently excellent but diverse line-up of coffees. If you live in or around Annapolis, we invite you to visit us at our roastery and coffeehouse. Ceremony coffee is also available in cafés, restaurants, and specialty food stores throughout the US.