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About Ceremony

We’ve always believed coffee should be something special, and this simple thought moves us every day to source smarter, roast better, and delight more people again and again.

“The idea of Ceremony starts with the thought that coffee by itself is compelling, but how it brings people to connect in explicitly human ways all over the world is what makes it infinitely spellbinding. ”

Ronnie Haas

Director of Wholesale
Est 2002

Our Story

Our company was born out of a passion for sharing amazing coffee, and this passion continues to drive us today. Every day we make small and deliberate choices to build and develop the quality of our coffees, our cafés, and our partnerships. We’ve been focused on creating beautiful coffee experiences and connecting people long before the days of Instagram.

Absolutely stunning coffee is an endless journey, and we’re committed for the distance.

We work hard every day to thoughtfully guide our seasonal coffee offering. With producers and importing partners all over the world, we source super-fresh, super-clean, 85+ point coffees with loads of sweetness and character. Then our roasting team gets to work on a tireless pursuit to develop roast profiles and blend ratios that highlight the best of every coffee.

Our relationships are the soul of our work.

We continually strive to develop collaborative and sustainable partnerships at Ceremony. Whether you’re a farm we love, our newest barista, or our UPS guy Anthony, you’re a big deal to us and we want you to know it. As in any good relationship, communication is key, so reach out and let’s talk.

We’ll leave you happier than we found you.

We’re thankful to have many opportunities to serve you. Some acts are small and some are big, so whether we’re carefully packing your order or fixing your broken grinder before the weekend rush, we’re going to give you 100% every time. If you have the same passion for service, come work with us .