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Production Assistant and Delivery Driver

This position is a part-time position that can lead to a full-time, salaried position with benefits: health/dental/vision, paid vacation, holidays and sick leave, 401k w/match, potential for profit-sharing annually, and opportunities for career advancement.

POSITION SUMMARY We are looking for you to join our awesome, hardworking production crew as a part-time Production Assistant & Delivery Driver. You must be a team player and be willing to assist in a variety of duties. The primary role will be bagging coffee and labeling bags, but will also involve assisting in production and delivery driving. A love of coffee and a desire to learn about its many facets are pluses. Duties include bagging, labeling, loading coffee bins, blending, weighing green coffee, stocking shelves, loading the delivery van, monthly inventory, cleaning, delivery driving, and assisting in other areas when necessary. The right candidate will have a clean appearance, be a careful and courteous driver, be free of any drugs, and have a clean driving record. Must be energetic and be able to lift over 60 lbs. You should also have a good employment history and good references. Additionally, the most desirable employee will be a good communicator, have good diction, have a cooperative and helpful work ethic, and have solid core values (honesty, integrity, respect).

This position will start in May and we are actively interviewing now. This is a part-time position averaging 35 hours per week. Of course, your skills and enthusiasm could increase your weekly hours if there are other areas you can contribute. Thank you for considering joining our team.


The Cafe Shift Leader position at Ceremony Coffee Roasters is an entry-level, part-time, leadership opening with opportunities for career advancement. Must be available to work some Saturdays and Sundays. Hours are 6am until 8:30pm, so there are no late nights.

As the first point of contact, it is essential that you provide exceptional customer service. You are expected to have and pursue great product knowledge, to exhibit confidence and professionalism in your customer interactions, and to display grace when dealing with customers - all while brewing delicious coffee. Shift leaders must have a thorough understanding of the Ceremony brand, mission and values and maintain a positive, professional demeanor. No experience is required (though it is a bonus) but you must have a passion for coffee and be willing to make a minimum 1-year commitment.


As the first point of contact, it is essential that you provide exceptional customer service. What does this mean? You are expected to have great product knowledge, exhibit confidence and professionalism in your customer interactions, and display grace when dealing with unknowledgeable customers. While keeping interactions brief, you are able to engage and develop relationships with customers. You will be trained to brew coffee and make non-espresso based drinks, help baristas with set-ups, restocking, cashiering, and cleaning. No experience is required, but you have a passion for coffee and are willing to make a minimum 6 month commitment.
Career Path Next Step > Barista


As a Barista, you will be expected to have excellent product knowledge, a thorough understanding of espresso extraction and drink building techniques, and an ability to work with confidence and professionalism while exhibiting superior customer service skills. You have the ability to engage with customers while not losing focus on your drink preparation. You take pride in delivering a quality experience to every customer. Previous experience preferred from a quality-focused specialty coffee shop, but you must be open minded to learn new skills and form new habits. You must be dependable, assist with training staff, attend skill building classes to continuously enhance your own skill set, and assist with other routine store functions.
Career Path Next Step > Cafe Shift Leader > Assistant Manger


We are looking for experienced kitchen staff to execute our seasonal café menu. The café will be open from 6am until 8:00pm, so there are NO LATE NIGHTS. Please respond with your detailed experience.


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We may not always have job openings, but when we do, we like to fill them with passionate coffee professionals. If you absolutely love coffee and want to spend your days working with like-minded people, pushing boundries, breaking rules, and changing the game, then click the link below and fill out the contact form and let us know. We keep an ongoing list of available people and are sure to call them first when we're looking to expand the team. Can't wait to hear from you!


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